Pastor's Corner - 12/14/14

This past Sunday was the Superbowl. It is billed as  the showdown between the two top teams in the NFL. I have to say that this years was pretty interesting, and both teams played well with both sides having their share of mistakes. The hard part of the Superbowl, or any other game of that variety is there is one winner and one loser. The winner gets all the glory while the losers slinks back to their locker room. I think one of the most awkward moments in these types of games is when a reporter goes to the losing teams locker room and asks "how does it feel to lose?" Never mind it took both teams hard work to get to the final game, one of them now is a "loser".  Now let's be clear,you expect such a result from a sports event like the superbowl. What is more problematic is  when we get caught up in a "winner" "loser" mentality in everyday life or in categorizing people.  Who we may see as a "loser" may have had a whole host of things we are unaware of  bringing them to such a description.  In Jesus' day and age, the religious folk called those who couldn't be as exact in their practice of religous ritual were called "sinners'. Time and time again Jesus went beyond such judgemental categories,opening the door to know that all are valued by God.  Even  the confessed theif next to him on the cross found forgiviness and mercy  from Jesus.  The famous words from John 3:16, "for God so loved the world" means you and me not matter what "category" the world seems to "bestow" on us, we are not losers, we are important to God. Even though we beign our service with the prayer, "we are in bondage to sin and cannot free ourselves" it doesn't make us "losers" rather we receive from God loving, forgiving grace through God's son Jesus Christ becasue God loves us, ALL OF US. May we never lose sight of God's view of us especially in times of despair and doubt.                                         

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